Archive install

Here, explains the method of installing the Windows CE version.

Please download the archive in the beginning. The ARM version and the MIPS version can be downloaded now.

'cesmtpd.ARM.CAB' is for ARM CPU. 'cesmtpd.MIPS.CAB' is for MIPS CPU.

Please copy the CAB file to Windows CE. And, please tap the CAB file. The installation starts by 'WindowsCE Native Installer'.

By the default, the CAB file creates 5 files to '\program files\cesmtpd'. see detail.

  1. Sparrow.exe
  2. Pegion.exe
  3. ILogger.exe
  4. config.txt
  5. iloggerconf.txt

If you are planning to use "Dynamic DNS", The tool that registers DNS is needed.

Create directory

Before start CeSMTPD, you have to create user land.

  | +--\postmaster
  | +--\<localuser 1>
  | +--\<localuser 2>
  | +--\...
  |    +--\index

These directories can be changed by configuration. see 'common directory' section. the sample directories are in the download archive.

RFC2821 says, " Any system that includes an SMTP server supporting mail relaying or delivery MUST support the reserved mailbox "postmaster" as a case-insensitive local name." in section 4.5.1.


At least, the following setting should change.

Add user

To add user,

  1. Create user directory under the 'local' directory. 
  2. Add password to passwd.txt.

Create receipt hosts list

The host to that  the SMTP server may unconditionally transmit mail is recorded. It is oneself mostly.

Create Alias user

If it is necessary, Alias can be create.

For instance, when you want to make a virtual user 'ringo', make the text file named 'ring' in the 'local' directory. Write 'alias users' into this file as follows.

When this server' domain is '', As for E-mail to '', mail is sent to '' and ''.


The environment that can hook up to the Internet is necessary for the CeSMTPD.
And, the CeSMTPD should be able to transmit the UDP packet to the DNS server. CeSMTPD query the DNS server about MX record.

The router substitutes mostly for DNS when hooking up to the Internet through the

About user interface


The sparrow has the user interface only a little.
Tap the task tray icon, and the window will be displayed. The window has only close button. The window disappears when tap the task tray icon again.


Pigeon has no user interface. It only works silently.


ILogger has the window and menu bar.

This menu decides the level of severity that collects logs.