IRawsock/0.5 beta

IRawsock is a command-line tool for monitoring network traffic. It can capture and display the packet on a particular network interface.

This is sample program  for raw socket programming.


command line options

irawsock.exe [OPTION]

option detail
-h Display help
-i=ipaddress Specify IP address for monitoring.
-w=width Specify IP address band.
-p=portnumber Specify port number for monitoring.
-d Show detail headers.
-b Show binary data.
-f Specify log filename.
IPaddress Local IP address to bind monitoring socket.
Check your address by rawsocket.exe with no option..

When no option specified, irawsock.exe run with user interface.

; === IP HEAD ===
IP version: 4
Header Length 20
Type of service: 0
Packet length: 40
Flagment: 50708
Time of live: 49
Protocol: Transmission Control(6)
Check sum: 3141h
IP address src:
IP address dst:
; === TCP HEAD ===
Port src: http(80)
Port dst: 1903
Sequence no.: 6359427
ACK no.: 4287330467
Data offset: 5337076
Flag: |---|ACK|---|---|---|FIN|
---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
0045 2800 14C6 0000 0631 4131 84D2 2EFD A8C0 1F02 E..(....1.1A........
5000 6F07 755A 83BA 8293 A359 1150 F460 86B2 0000 .P.oZu....Y.P.`.....

TCP, UDP, and ICMP protocol header is more specified.

Change log

version contents
0.1 03/Mar

First release.

0.2 10/Apr

Fix some bugs.
Port filtering.

0.5 02/Aug

Fix some bugs
Log file format changed

  Requirements for system

Windows2000/XP or later


archive explanation
irawsock05.zip(50kb) Source code & binary
2009/05/03Copyright (C) urana-info Allrights reserved. since 3/Apr/1996.