According to setting file, Socket.exe is go around web server.

Only one session is available.
Please use in order to register with dynamic DNS automatically.

Requirements of system

2.12 or later WindowsCE.
Compile with eMVC++3.0.
Build target is HPC/Pro, CPU is SH3.SH4,MIPS,ARM
Tested on DoCoMo SigmarionII(WindowsCE3.0/HPC2000).


Please copy a CAB file to your WindowCE, and double tap it.


Socket.exe work with Socket.txt. Socket.txt have to be placed to socket.exe install directory.

When 'TEST' button was clicked, Socket.exe access to the web server according to the contents of socket.txt.

When  'hide' button was clicked, window is hide.
When Tasktray icon is clicked, show window again.

Access to the web server is performed at once in 2 hours automatically.
For the moment, this time cannot be changed.

The format of socket.txt

Basically, each parameter is formatted as follows.

Please make sure to written by ASCII format.
Socket cannot understand UNICODE format.


command parameter
SOCKET_connect Specified the server to be connected.


SOCKET_port Specified server port number.

Web server usually listen at 80.
ex. 80

SOCKET_basicauth Specified basic authentication username and password.

If web server is requested basic authentication, please describe username and password formatted
This information is encoded with BASE64.

ex. suzuki:ichiro

SOCKET_request Specified HTTP request line.

ex. GET /index.html HTTP/1.0

SOCKET_postbody Specified body string when you use POST command at SOCKET_request.

This data doesn't encored automatically.

ex. Param1=Value1&Param2=Value2

Others Any request headers can be freely added in the form of follows

ex. Connection: close


Special key word

%IPADDRESS% is transmitted  as IP address automatically.

SOCKET_request: GET /request.php?ipaddr=%IPADDR%
->SOCKET_request: GET /request.php?ipaddr=


The example socket.txt in case of accessing
Please rewrite according to your registration information.


SOCKET_port: 80
User-Agent: Sokcet/1.0
# request line
SOCKET_request: GET /dnsupdate.php?dn=account&pw=Password HTTP/1.0

The example socket.txt in case of

# Host information
SOCKET_port: 80
SOCKET_basicauth: account:password
User-Agent: Sokcet/1.0
# Request line
SOCKET_request: POST /REGISTERED/update-s.php3 HTTP/1.0
# Server name
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
User-Agent: Sokcet/1.0
# Post body

Socket.exe never know the router's IP address. so, when you use sokcet.exe over IP router and use dynamic DNS service which require parameters of global IP address (like, socket.exe is not helpful.

Use over proxy

When accessing via the proxy, SOCKET_connect and SOCKET_port are set to proxy server.
And add  Host: header like follows.

SOCKET_conncet: <proxy server name>
SOCKET_port: <proxy server port>
Host: <Real server name>


In addition, I have no  investigation each dynamic DNS information.
Please don't ask me about it.
Please investigate details at your own.

When it does not understand well,

It is more comfortable to give up the dynamic DNS service which the registration method is too difficult. (yes, it true)
There are many servers which you can use in a world. (I recommend

When it does not going well,

You should check whether it can update correctly your account information by built in browser. (ex. Pocket IE)
Unless it is made, it does not become not at all.


CAB files

Source files

The SH3/SH4/MIPS/ARM correspondence version is contained in each.